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ChiLiving, Inc. is the parent company to ChiRunning and ChiWalking. Find a workshop or Certified Instructor in your area, visit the online store, or have a look at the Chi Library and blog posts for a wealth of information on running, walking, nutrition and mindful living.


ChiRunning School

ChiRunning School brings the unique experience of Danny Dreyer’s workshops directly to your inbox. Weekly video lessons expand upon the original lessons from the ChiRunning book and companion DVD. Each week, video lessons will  target one aspect of the ChiRunning and ChiWalk-Run techniques, going deeper than ever with Danny’s most updated ideas and insights. Once a month Danny will also present a webinar for members covering various running topics
Audio downloads of the weekly lessons are available as part of the program, so you can take Danny with you on the run as a companion for each lesson. He’ll remind you, every step of the way, where to focus your mind and what to feel for in your body.
The combination of the video lesson and audio companion makes your learning faster, easier and a lot more fun. By giving yourself a week to play with each lesson, you’ll experience those “Aha” moments, when you can truly say…“I’ve got this!
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Comparison of ChiRunning with other running styles

How does ChiRunning compare with other styles of running? In 2012, Lt. Colonel Donald Goss (US Army) published a study at The University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) which did just that.

Click here for a complete copy of the study results or here for a two-page summary.


Half Marathons

Thinking about running a half marathon? You’re in good company because half marathons are the fastest-growing segment in the sport of running. They provide many of the challenges faced in a full marathon, but the time commitment and training requirements are much less. I’ve told many of my students that if they can run a 10K, they can run a half marathon.

For a closer look at half marathons and the reasons behind their popularity, take a look at this blog post by Danny Dreyer. Articles in Runner's World and The Wall Street Journal also go into detail about the growth of half marathons.


If you are looking for a half marathon to enter, a very comprehensive listing of races worldwide (including some very unique ones) can be found here.


Local race calendars and timing services

Looking for races in the area? The event calendars at these running clubs list races with distances ranging from one mile to ultramarathons

Valley Running Club

Finger Lakes Runners Club

Tri-Cities Runners Club

Southern Tier Running

NEPA Runner

Mid Penn Trailblazers

Timing companies also maintain event listings which may contain races that don’t always show up on the local running club calendars. These links are also handy to have if you are organizing a race and want it timed using RFID chips on the race bibs.

Yellowjacket Racing

Integrity Sports / PA Runners

Fast Finishes

Auyer Timing

This is not an all-inclusive list of timing companies nor is it an endorsement of their services


Other ChiRunning Instructors


Cheryl Lloyd is a Certified ChiRunning Master Instructor, an ultrarunner and RN. Cheryl’s background in the medical field, her love of running and passion for teaching makes her an outstanding instructor. Check out her blogs about ChiRunning, injury prevention and experiences running ultramarathons.


David Stretanski, Certified ChiRunning Master Instructor, has an excellent site which goes into great detail on the ChiRunning technique. David’s site is considered by many to be one of the most comprehensive online sources on ChiRunning. He also has numerous blog posts about the ChiRunning technique, nutrition, and race reports.


If you are in the Dallas, Texas area, get in touch with Jeff Carnivale. A Certified ChiRunning Master Instructor and a Certified Personal Trainer, Jeff can help you set up a program to reach your fitness goals, whether you are looking to run/walk your first 5K, want to improve your triathlon performance, or are training for a long distance event.


Lisa Pozzoni is a Certified ChiRunning Master Instructor in Mesa, Arizona. Her unique and inspiring approach to instruction has made a positive impact on many lives. In Lisa’s own words, “I tell people all the time that they need to find something fitness related that they enjoy so they will keep doing it for life. Walking and running are one of the easiest things you can do ANYWHERE!


Are you a triathlete and want to improve your performance? Or are you interested in competing in a triathlon and want to start off right? Training for all phases of triathlons is available. Vince Vaccaro is a Certified ChiRunning Master Instructor and Ryan Miller is a Certified ChiRunning Senior Instructor.

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